Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Love My...

I Love My Crock Pot! 

I am convinced that you could put just about anything into a crock pot and it would come out tasting delicious!  And I am also convinced that though crock pot meals taste delicious, they don't usually look very appealing.  My husband has told me many times that the things I cook don't always look good, but they always taste good.  And it's true.  I am blaming part of that on my love of my crock pot.  Most of the recipes I go back to time after time are crock pot recipes.  It is just so convenient to put a few ingredients into a pot and go back a couple hours later to have a delicious dish. 

I have two crock pots.  One that is a normal 4 quart size and one miniature crock pot that is meant for dips, but I actually use the smaller one more frequently!  With just my husband and I, the mini crock pot is usually all we need.  I will use the larger one for big batches of things, but if I am just making a normal dinner, I use the mini crock pot.  The only downfall is that it only has one heat setting. 

I discovered the recipe below on a blog several months ago.  It is easy and very tasty.  You can put it over rice or put it on a roll as a sandwich--both are good.  There is no way you can screw this one up!

Versatile Crock Pot Chicken

1-2 pounds chicken
3/4 a bottle of barbecue sauce
1/2 cup salsa (I usually add about 1 cup)
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 small chopped onion

Combine all ingredients in crock pot on low for 4 hours (I usually cook it all day on low) or until chicken can be shredded.  Serve over rice or on your favorite rolls.  Top with cheese if desired.

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