Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dr. Seuss Cake Pops

Our nephew turned one in November and had a Dr. Seuss themed birthday party, which included Dr Seuss cake pops that I made.  These were by far the most involved cake pops I've made.  As I was eight months pregnant when I made them, I started the process a week before the party so I could do a little each day and not wear myself out.  The first thing I did was make the cake (out of a box for ease), mix in the frosting, and shape the pops into the necessary shapes.  My next step was to make fondant, something I had never done before.  I used a basic marshmallow fondant recipe, made a massive mess, and ended up with successful fondant! 

I used a small circle cookie cutter to cut the fondant for the front of my 'Thing 1' and 'Thing 2' cake pops. 

I bought a tube of blue frosting (which was easier than making it) and squeezed it into my own piping bag.  I used a tip I had on hand to make the blue hair for 'Thing 1' and 'Thing 2'

Next I made the ham from 'Green Eggs and Ham'.  The white is a small fondant circle and the black is frosting I drew on with a very small tip and piping bag.  Boy, did my hand hurt from drawing those tiny lines on!

Last was the hat from 'Cat in the Hat'.  I thought this cake pop would be the simplest to make but it proved to be the most challenging.  The white disk on the bottom is fondant cut with a cookie cutter.  The red stripes are a fruit roll up.  Ha!  I tried many things here for the stripes but nothing worked very well and looked messy.  The fruit roll up worked great and was pretty quick to do, though it wasn't the greatest tasting thing. 

I think made three or four trips to Micheal's and Hobby Lobby for these pops.  I bought several items as back up items in case some of my ideas didn't work and ended up being able to return several of them.  These cake pops ended up being very labor intensive but where also a lot of fun to make!  I will say, the next time I make cake pops that take this much time, it will be for my own kid!!

The finished product at the birthday party!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Since my last post was in September, let me update you on what's been going on in my life.

1: I had a baby! Holy moly, I still can't believe it myself! Her name is Matilda (or Millie as we like to call her) and is just about the cutest little thing I've ever seen. Here she is:

She was born December 28th which means that she is almost a month old.  Tomorrow actually marks four weeks since she was born.  These past four weeks have been the fastest of my life.  In a way, it feels like Millie was just born while at the same time, feels like we've found our rhythm and have been going at this whole "we have a baby" thing for a long time.  While I miss having my freedom to run a few errends, stay up until 3am watching Netflix, or sleep in uninterrupted until 11am, I wouldn't change having this sweet little girl in my life for anything.  I am sure there will be many more posts about our little one in the future!

2: We bought a house!  We moved into our house in the middle of October.  The house is older, built in 1950 and in great shape for it's age.  It even includes an authentic (and totally creepy) fallout shelter in the basement!  Since moving in, we have slowly been hard at work changing things and making them our own.  I hope to post pictures and updates on some of the work we've been doing.

3: I made some pretty awesome (if I may say so!) Dr Seuss cake pops in November for our nephew's first birthday party.  I'll post about them soon!

4: Speaking of baking, I've made three batches of cookies since Millie's been born.  That's almost as much baking as I did the entire time I was pregnant.  Pathetic.  That being said, I felt like superwoman having the energy to bake while caring for a newborn.  Hopefully, more baking will follow soon.  I have a lot of recipes I've been wanting to try. 

5: I think I need a new blog name as I know this blog will now include ramblings about being a new mom, babies, our house updates, as well as whatever baking I am able to do.  So, does anybody have any suggestions?!

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