Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cake Pops For Sale, Part Two

When I made my Valentine's Day cake pops, I sent a few of them in a box just like the one in the picture below to my family.  I had several reasons why I did this.  First, my dad mentions pretty regularly that if I have extra time that he would be willing to eat anything I bake and mail to him.  And let's face it.  I don't have a job so I have LOTS of extra time.  Second, I have had a few people asking about buying cake pops but because most of the people asking are across the country, I need to figure out a way to mail cake pops quickly and safely, with minimal damage to the pops. 

Well, the pops I mailed to my family arrived quickly and only a few had a couple cracks in them, so I would say the experiment was a success!  Plus, my family loved the pops.  My dad took one to his work to share with a coworker and she ended up asking if I could make more and mail her some.  Two ladies ended up wanting to 'order' cake pops from me.  I mailed each of them 12 cake pops in small flat rate boxes, which cost about $5 to send. 

They wanted the same cake pops I made for my family, which was easy to duplicate since I had already made them once.  Overall, the whole things turned out to be a success.  So, if you want a few cake pops I might be willing to make some and mail them to you--for a small fee.

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