Monday, January 31, 2011

Valentine's Day Cake Pops

So after I made my Valentine's Day cupcakes, I made Valentine's Day cake pops!  I split my batter between 24 mini-cupcakes in my last post and one large 9 inch round cake that made about 30ish cake pops. 

I had white, pink and red candy coating to use for these cake pops and a variety of Valentine's Day sprinkles to choose from that I've been snatching up at the grocery store when I see them.  I chose to leave the pink ones un-sprinkled for a little contrast.

To form the heart shape, I used a cookie scoop to form a ball, rolled that into a tighter ball with my hand, which I pressed and fit into a small heart shape cookie cutter and then gently pressed out of the cookie cutter.  It's quite a bit of extra work for the heart shape, but Valentine's isn't the same without heart shaped cake pops!

After each heart was dipped, sprinkled and dried, I packed each in a small plastic bag tied with pink ribbon.  I ate one to test, mailed a package of 12 to my family in WA (which arrived very quickly with minimal damage!!) and gave the rest away to people here in town. 

All in all, I was very happy how these little cuties turned out!

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