Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bakerella Book Signing!

I've mentioned my love of Bakerella before.  I was super excited when her book 'Cake Pops' came out several weeks ago and had been putting off buying it for no good reason.  Since her book came out, she has been on a book tour at different Williams-Sonoma stores around the country.  And one of the stops on her tour was to Nashville!  So, of course, I had to go, which meant I had to buy the book!

What I love about Bakerella, whose real name is Angie Dudley, is that she is just a normal person.  A few years ago, she took a cake decorating class to learn to make 'cute things' and she has been hooked ever since.  She is just another person who tries out her ideas out and documents them along the way on her blog.  Unlike most bloggers, hers was noticed by the people at the Martha Stewart show about a year ago and since then, cake pops have become a hit nationwide!  But for me, her blog is everything I want mine to be and more.  She has thousands of followers, receives hundreds of comments on each post, and has a beautiful, well-written blog.  Visit it at

For the book tour, she began with a short Q & A session to start with, which mostly covered things already in the book.  Unfortunately, my question, "What was your worst baking failure?" didn't get answered the way I had hoped.  But I suppose when you are promoting a book/idea, you don't want people knowing how you failing in making that thing which you are promoting.  Or maybe she just has never had anything go wrong when baking.

It was really fun to meets someone that has influenced my baking the past several months.  And I will continue to stock her blog, sign up for her giveaways, and hope to be her friend one day.

Demonstrating something cake pop related!

Bakerella and I

Matt got suckered into taking a picture also

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