Friday, April 1, 2011

Rainbow Chip Cake Pops

Sometimes, I need a change of scenery.  So a month or two ago, a good friend that lives in the Seattle area and I decided we needed to go on an adventure.  This past week, we met up in Charleston, SC where we stayed for about four days.  Neither of us had much money to spend, so we planned our trip as cheaply as possible.  We stayed at Charleston's Notso Hostel and bought all our meals either on or  We brought a lot of snacks with us, ate the free breakfast at the Hostel each morning, and did all our sightseeing by walking around the city.  Most days, we only spent about $10.  It was very nice to get away and enjoy just be with a friend. 

My friend's birthday was yesterday, the day after we got back from our trip, so I decided I wanted to make her some birthday cake pops for our trip.  She decided she wanted rainbow chip cake--which I had been wanting to try as a cake pop for a while.  Have you had rainbow chip cake?  It's amazing.  It's not that funfetti stuff--it's much better.  Rainbow chip was always the cake I wanted my mom to make for my birthday growing up!  So if you've never had it, go buy some and make it with rainbow chip frosting! Turns out, rainbow chip cake pops are pretty good, too!

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