Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mini Black Raspberry Cobblers

We have a huge and I do mean HUGE black raspberry patch in our backyard.  It's really one of the only good things about our yard from it's previous owners.  I don't mean to sound harsh, but most people don't plant four plants within a foot cube space in the middle of the grass.  It just doesn't work well.  And it's ugly.  We've pulled a ton of the crazy plant lady's plants out and have even thought about tearing out the berry patch because like everything else, it's just there in the middle of the grass. 

This is the second summer we've been in our house and though we have fewer berries this year than last summer, they taste so much better than I remember. We had a colder spring than normal and the berries ripened much later than last year so today was the first day of berry picking this summer. I picked 3-4 cups of berries and decided I would make The Pioneer Woman's berry cobbler with some of them.  It's a bit of an unconventional cobbler recipe but so delicious. 

Here's where you can get the recipe:

Instead of one large cobbler, I made them into 24 mini (miniature cupcakes size) cobblers and 4 somewhat mini cobblers (regular cupcake size because I ran out of room). 

I added about five berries to each cobbler and a small handful to the regular cupcake size cobblers.  I sprinkled sugar on top of all of them with a spoon and baked at 350 for about 18-23 minutes. 

You can use frozen berries, but wow, the fresh ones are so much better!

These will NOT last long in our house because they are so dang good.  Good thing we have our own berry source!  Enjoy!

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