Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Tree Cake Pops

It's Christmas time!  I love Christmas.  Like I said before, we are moving in the next few weeks.  Moving means we don't have any Christmas decorations up except our icicle lights on our apartment balcony that I made my husband put up almost a month ago because I knew it would be the only Christmas decorations we would put up this year.  With my lack of Christmas decorations, I'm surprised I haven't overcompensated with a load of Christmas baking.  Then again, Christmas is still weeks away. 

The first Christmas treat were these Christmas tree cake pops:

In this case, melting the chocolate and dipping the pops were the easy part. 

I made two different shapes: one with a cookie cutter and one that I hand formed into a tree shape.

The hard part was decorating them so they looked like a tree but didn't look like a child had decorated them.  Unfortunately, the first ones looked a child decorated them.  I even used the exact decorations that Bakerella used for her, except mine looked like crap. 

So I tried this:
And they still looked like crap. 

I didn't like the bare trees and thought they needed some sort of decoration so I spent a few minutes digging through all my baking supplies and realized I had some red candy melts.  I melted the candy melts, poured them into a plastic bag, cut a tiny hole in one corner, and drizzled it over the trees.  It was better but I cut the hole much too big and it was more of a gloop than a drizzle. 

So, I turned the bag over to the other side, cut a smaller tiny hole in the corner, and drizzled again.  So much better!

I also had been wanting to try packaging the cake pops.  I got little treat sacks and tied them with a little curling ribbon and the result was pretty cute!   

Overall, I am pleased.  Next up on my list of Christmas treats is peanut butter fudge topped with chocolate!

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