Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gigi's Cupcakes

Over the past few months, I've been thinking it would be fun to own/operate a cupcake shop.  I am guessing that in reality, being a small business owner and baker might not be as much fun as baking when I feel like it in my little kitchen.  But I could be wrong.  Maybe I can just run a baking business out of my kitchen.... hm.... ideas....

Anyway, I had never been to a REAL cupcake shop, just the one I think about in my head.  So I figured it was about time to try one out.  Last Friday, Matt and I checked out Gigi's Cupcakes here in Murfreesboro.  Gigi's is a franchise started here in Nashville.  They have 19 locations in 9 states, mostly states in the South.  Check them out here:

Overall, my first cupcake shop was amazing.  Look at these:
I love how pretty they look!  The person working gave us a special deal, so we went ahead and got four cupcakes.  We tried wedding cake, triple chocolate, carrot cake, and key lime. 

The wedding cake cupcake was delicious.  Seriously, almost perfect.  I need to learn to make a cupcake this good and I need to learn soon!
The triple chocolate was also very good, but the frosting could have been better.  All the other cupcakes my husband and I split, but I ate all of this one! 
The carrot cake was the most disappointing.  I'm not a fan of chunks in cake, even carrot cake, and this cake was CHUNKY.  Plus, the frosting wasn't very good.  I expected cream cheese frosting but it was more of a buttercream frosting.  So disappointing. 
And the key lime was pretty good.  I liked the cake a lot, but again, the frosting wasn't my favorite.  My husband loves all things lime, so this cupcake was right up his alley, but not so much mine.  Still, it's a good looking cupcake.
Overall, a very exciting first cupcake shop experience, with many more to come!

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